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Rules and Terms & Conditions

Contest Rules:

These Rules, Regulations and Guidelines are applicable to and govern the ‘Livon Salon Finish Selfie Contest' organized and conducted by Marico Ltd. (Described as 'Organizer' in the document). Dainik Bhaskar. Com owned by DB Corp Limited (Digital Division) {herein described as “Dainik Bhaskar”} is providing the platform using which participant can participate in the contest so organised and conducted by organiser.

By participating in the contest, participant agrees to abide by and be bound by these rules. These rules & regulations may be modified without any prior notification. Participant is advised to regularly review these rules. If there is any disagreement with any of the rules and any amendments thereto, participant must not participate in the contest or withdraw photos from the contest page.

  1. The promotion is valid from 15th Sep 2019 to 9th Oct 2019 (described as 'Promotion Period').
  2. Promotion is open to all 'Indian National residents in India' with a valid passport and who are females in the age group of 18 - 35 years except to any person directly related to Marico and Marico's employee.
  3. Hit 'Like' on the Livon Serum Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LivonIndia/ and https://www.facebook.com/dainikbhaskar/. 'Follow' on the Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/livonserum/https://www.instagram.com/divyabhaskar_in/ and  https://www.instagram.com/dainikbhaskar_/   to participate.
  4. To start off your journey to participate in the Livon Salon Finish Selfie Contest, first share your name and email id or contact number on the Divya Bhaskar site: https://www.divyabhaskar.co.in/ and Dainik Bhaskar site: https://www.bhaskar.com/
    After this, steps to be followed are as follows:
  5. a. You can either click a selfie by switching on your web cam or you can use your best selfie from your image gallery. You can also tag Livon Serum on your selfies on Instagram.

    b. The most liked image wins! Get your friends to vote for your tagged selfie (the selfie on Insta in which you’ve tagged Livon Serum) or get your friends to log onto the Dainik Bhaskar website. There is a voting meter that has been placed on the microsite. In one session, a user can vote for a particular selfie only once. In order to vote for one picture again, they will have to re-visit the microsite in another session.

    c. There is no limit on the number of pictures shared.

  6. 9 lucky winners will be declared at the end of the Contest and will win a hamper each!
  7. During the Contest period, if your image is the most liked one, you’ll get a stylist to visit you at your home at a time of your choosing during Navratri to give you a salon like hairstyle!

Terms & Conditions (Marico Ltd)

  1. Participant agrees that she is legally capable of entering this contest. Participants are competent (i.e. participant are of legal age and mental capacity) and eligible to enter into this legally binding agreement on participant.
  2. Participants understand and agree that merely participating in this contest do not entitle them to a hamper or to any other form of consideration.
  3. Participants unconditionally agree that they are voluntary submitting photos and other data for this contest and they give unconditional consent to Livon Serum for using this data for business promotion and waive any claim and protection under any law which is permissible to be waived by giving consent.
  4. Participants may be contacted by the representatives of the Organizer, for which participants give an irrevocable consent.
  5. Promotion is open to all 'Indian National resident in India' with a valid identity proof. Participants directly connected with the organizers are not eligible to participate.
  6. Decision of Organizer will be final and binding with regard to promotion, participants of the promotion, etc. and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.
  7. The Participant warrants that all the information given by her to the Organizer belongs to her and any liability arising due to wrong information provided by the participant solely lies on the participant and not with Organizer or its representatives.
  8. The Organizer does not guarantee the receipt of the data fed by the participant on Facebook and Instagram due to any reason, including but not limited to network problem.
  9. Participants agree to participate in this contest at their own cost and no re-reimbursement will be made.
  10. All disputes relating to or arising out of this Promotion shall be subject to laws of India, and shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Courts in India.
  11. Participants agree that by participating in the contest, they agree to share the reports/photos and other data collected with the Organizer who can further use the same for promotional purpose.
  12. Organizer has no obligation to screen the photos, and is not responsible for monitoring entries for the purpose of preventing violation of intellectual property ownership rights, or violations of any law, rule or regulation.

Terms & Conditions (Dainik Bhaskar.com & Divya Bhaskar.com)

  1. DainikBhaskar & DivyaBhaskar has the sole rights to disqualify the profile in case of any discrepancy found without any prior notice.
  2. The pictures uploaded for participation in this contest shall become the joint property of DainikBhaskar & DivyaBhaskar and Livon Serum and might be used for promotion of this Contest or any other purpose subject to the DainikBhaskar's & DivyaBhaskar's & Livon Serum’s discretion. All Intellectual Property Rights in the pictures shall belong to DainikBhaskar & DivyaBhaskar and Marico Ltd only
  3. The participants shall indemnify and hold DainikBhaskar & DivyaBhaskar harmless against all claim(s), losses and damages that may arise due to an act or omission of the participants, or with regard to the picture submitted by the participants. Dainik Bhaskar shall not be liable for any indemnification or any claim(s) therein under any circumstances.
  4. All intellectual property in and related to the Event including but not limited to (i) all copyrightable works including digital copyright, typography rights, database rights (including rights of extraction) and all applications, registrations and renewals in connection therewith, (ii) all trade secrets (including ideas, research and development, manufacturing and production processes and techniques, technical data, designs, drawings), (iii) all trademarks, service marks, logos and trade names, together with all translations, adaptations, derivations, and combinations thereof, and all applications, registrations, and renewals in connection therewith shall vest exclusively with Dainik Bhaskar.
  5. Any dispute regarding this Contest shall be finally resolved at the discretion of Dainik Bhaskar only and courts in New Delhi shall have the jurisdiction.
  6. Dainik Bhaskar reserves the sole right to make any changes to these Terms and Conditions and they shall be final and binding on all participants.
  7. Dainik Bhaskar disclaims all liabilities and obligations in relation to the contest.